On the contrary, he was sent to war immediately after leaving school. Because of his disrespectful behaviour, he did not make it further than sergeant.

Here is an example:

"It should be noted that in the war, after six years of service, I actually made it to sergeant, but only shortly before the end, in March 45, when the snow was melting in Norway. Before that, in fact, I could not be promoted, although I strictly obeyed an order, but the others did not. It was like this:

On the way from my billet to the canteen, I used to beat my water off into the snow, as we all did, but I did it in the form of my name, which is particularly suited to this because of its brevity and unbroken lines. I was taken to task for this, but I insisted on my right to do so, because there was no regulation to that effect. Then my superiors drew up an order in which I was expressly forbidden to do the above because it was likely to damage the reputation of the German Wehrmacht. I always obeyed orders, at least this time, and I could do so with a clear conscience, because my comrades made sure that my name was still in the snow. It really was the most suitable. But I could only be promoted after the snow had melted, and by then it was too late to save the Fatherland."


Florian Lettl

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