Margaret has taken a train to visit her sister in Damerton, the only problem is she's fallen asleep on the train and woken up nowhere near her…
Two people fall in love running lights for a musical, but it's not all plain sailing.

February 2023

A story about family, identity and the challenges of daily life.
Jacob, an engineer, is alone on ARM 5. While he waits for Michael and Sheila, his colleagues, to return, he battles with loneliness and his past.

January 2023

Clara and James haven’t seen each other for many years, but today they share a fleeting thought for each other.
A man recalls meeting a girl by a pond while fishing as a young man, before he went on to fight in the Franco-Prussian war.

December 2022

Man of many talents, Carl Gustav Carus, doesn’t have the talent to save his daughter. As she lies on her deathbed and her birthday approaches, he wants…
On a business trip, a man whose father is dying, sees a house he has seen before, a long time ago, and it reveals to him some uncomfortable truths.

November 2022

We are transported to the northern mountain towns of Japan as a painting reminds our protagonist of a scene from his childhood.
Marie-Anne learns the consequences of nostalgia for one's youth, when the terms of the agreement have all changed.

October 2022

Marie-Anne is a girl living in England, who, having grown older, meets someone from her youth who threatens everything.
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